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Hampshire Heaters: FAQ

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1. What are the dimensions of the Hampshire Heater?
The heater body stands 450mm high, is 290mm from the front of the heater to the bulkhead and the body of the heater is 150mm diameter. Please click on the diagram to the right to view dimensions and detail.

2. What can I burn on a Hampshire Heater?
The heater has been designed for lumpwood charcoal as this produces very little ash. Charcoal briquettes on the other hand produce large amounts of ash and rubbish that fills the ash pan very quickly. The joy of lumpwood charcoal is that it does not deposit ash on deck. Owners have tried various fuels from peat to flotsam with varying success, but they all drop residue outside. "Easy light" charcoal produces huge amounts of smoke when first lit and can put you in bad favor with near neighbours.

3. Can the ash pan be removed while the heater is alight?
This is not advisable, hot ash and lit charcoal can do nasty things to the flooring and upholstery. Should you have to empty the ash pan, place a steel bucket and fire blanket under the heater first to be safe.

4. Can I fill the heater while it is alight?
Yes. You must wear gloves of course, remove the lid and check inside. If the fuel has burnt down to about quarter full, top it up to the top of the inner housing, replace the lid. It will now be good for another 12 hours.

5. How do I put it out?
The heater is supplied with an outer flue with a cowl that should always be used when the heater is in use. It is also supplied with a threaded plug to be screwed into the T.D.F. when the heater is not in use. With the heater fully shut down below deck and the cap on outside it will go out in seconds.

6. How much charecoal does the heater hold?
Depending on the size of the fuel used i.e. the bigger the lumpwood the less weight wise, that can be used. However, using more moderately sized charcoal up to a kilo. can go into the fire box. This will give 12hours or more of dry, pleasant heat.

7. What about the environment?
Wood is environmentally neutral, only giving off the CO2 that it absorbed during growth. With all the natural oils burnt off during the manufacture of charcoal, it gives off virtually no pollution when used as a fuel.

8. What does it come with?
The package consists of:

a) the heater
b) 1m of flue
c) a through deck fitting
d) a 9inch high external flue
e) A threaded plug to screw in to the T.D.F. when the outer flue is removed.

marine heaters Hampshire marine heaters Hampshire marine heaters Hampshire

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marine heaters Hampshire boat heating solutions
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